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Wilkinson has been a long time instructor of mediators. He has represented the AAA (along with its General Counsel) on a 6 person committee that revised the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators. He has served as Co-Chair of the Mediation Committee of the New York State Bar Association’s Section on Dispute Resolution (2008-09). He is on the mediation panels of the United States District Court, Southern District of New York; the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York; and the New York Supreme Court, Commercial Division, New York County. He has been the mediator in hundreds of complex commercial cases, some examples of which are set forth below:

  • Claim that a power company’s negligence caused a blackout that damaged and shut down a large factory.
  • Disputes surrounding the dissolution of a substantial accounting firm.
  • Claim that a large office building in Manhattan was structurally unsound.
  • Allegedly wrongful termination of a contract to distribute a major news publication throughout New York City.
  • Insurance dispute over the value of jewels and artifacts that had been stolen from a church.
  • Alleged deception in connection with sales of large numbers of corporate-owned life insurance policies.
  • Allegedly wrongful termination of a renowned fashion designer.
  • Asserted breach of contract to manufacture and deliver 500 rapid transit cars.
  • Reorganization of a computer software company in light of serious differences among the principals.
  • Alleged breach of a joint venture to manufacture and sell pickup trucks in Argentina.
  • Allegedly wrongful termination of an exclusive contract to market a well-known line of perfume.
  • Significant differences among members of a high profile singing group.
  • Claim that a partner of a large Hong Kong recruiting firm wrongfully took a large part of the business to a competitor.
  • Claim that a large distributor of medical supplies fraudulently procured rebates from its supplier.
  • Dispute over monies due from a large construction company to the daughter of a principal owner upon the owners death.
  • Disagreement between a well-known fashion designer and his agent concerning the splitting of fees.
  • Dispute as to whether there had been a consummated joint venture transaction which would have given rise to a large structuring fee for claimant.
  • Claims arising from the crash of a commercial helicopter in the Gulf of Finland.
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John Wilkinson, arbitrator and mediator, has served in hundreds of domestic and international cases in the past 25 years.